‘Pacéphale Shall I show You In My Mirror Back Door Son of Man Heathen The Friendly Stars That Grow (Rock and Roll is an) Old Man’s Game Eucalyptus & Cigarrettes Get Over Yourself You and Me and Jiminy C Godfearing S.O.B. Solness Ill-Fitting Suit And Her Snakes Were Decked With Smiles (2016) The Comforting Suture Spygenius 65 Furniture Boats Kevin Here We Go Again All My Skeletons Caifornia Sunshine Autoclave! A Room, Full of Telephones Hegemon The Void Giving Way to Trains K is Mentall Ill Adamsdown (2012) Red Lounge Digden’s Rise Smardy’s Fish Paradise The Ballad of Jack Snipe This Morning After Stupid Matter Out Of Place First Do No Harm You’ve Got a Lucky Face Don’t Sing to me of Medicine When You’re the Disease The Girl Who’s Everywhere Trolls Waimanalo (2010) Songs From The Devil’s Typist Dumb Angels T.F. Bundy & his Hirsute Sweetheart I Want that Girl Gilgamesh Pineapple Drive 13 Years (May Song) A Bottle of Reds & Two Good Friends Closest Thing to Heaven This Heart was Truer than you Cared to Believe Wintergarden Summertimes Conybeare’s Island Mr Misdirected Woo (2008)